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美国PSA 特快速EXPRESS档位(第五档),请与工作人员确认当前批次发车日期。官方指导鉴定周期为5个工作日,具体以当前批次实际出分时效为准。


plz contact with our staff to confirm the shipping date before placing orders. The official grading period is 5 working days. The final grading period is subject to the actual.


庫存單位: PSA-USA005
  • 如果您是第一次通过GW送评,我们的工作人员将会给到您一份送评指导手册,请务必仔细阅读并确认手册内的相关信息。


    If this is your first time trying entrust GW to send your cards to grading company, we will offer you a guide book, plz read all the information carefully.